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Rimuhosting May 2015 newsletter


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Image credit: oinonio

Debian 8 available

We now have a Debian 8 image available for new VM setups and reinstalls. There is a 64 bit image, and we have not done a 32 bit image. Most customers are now ordering 64 bit distros. And some distros only come in a 64 bit flavor, e.g. Centos 7. Debian 8 is also an option for regular dedicated server setups.

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Linux 4.0 kernel available

On the http://rimuhosting.com/cp/vps/kernel.jsp page you can now select the 4.0 kernel for your VM. Includes: OverlayFS, carries on with support required for Docker and SELinux, lots of new nf/eb table options, openvswitch, nfs4 support and too many other new kernel tweaks to mention. Plus newer, fresher kernel code with lots of fixes to bugs (which likely are not affecting you).

We have only produced a 64 bit kernel this time around. That should be fine even for 32 bit distros.

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Dallas network upgrade

Dallas is our busiest location. We have many, many cabinets there filled with wonderfully shiny servers (all black, as befits our Kiwi origins). That setup has grown somewhat organically since 2005. Our core networking wiring was starting to be a little scary. And network capacity (ports and bandwidth was staring to be an issue). So for our 10th year in Dallas we opted to rebuild our network from scratch. Get new, faster networking gear; tidily re-cable everything with fiber; simplify things as much as possible; and increase our uplink capacity.

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Brute force SSH protection

We have implemented some brute force SSH attack protection on VMs. Your servers should start to receive fewer connections from bots trying to bruteforce crack passwords on your server user accounts.

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Image credit: Dino Giordano

Tuning apache for production use

Apache is probably the most common web service our customers use. It is an amazingly powerful and mature tool for serving all your website needs. And is very easy to get up and running with Our team is often asked to tune apache to run more smoothly, more quickly, and more reliably. With a few simple server side tweaks you can easily polish your server till it is ready for ‘production’ use of your website.

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deghost ridding the world of the ghost vulnerability one host at a time

As part of our mission to wipe the ‘ghost’ vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235) from our customers servers we have created 'deghost'. Deghost is a cross-distro script to determine the vulnerability of a libc library on a server and then patch that where possible.

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RimuHosting adds a Frankfurt presence

We are excited to announce that we now offer servers in Frankfurt, Germany. This will be a great for users wanting a server central to the EU, and complements the plans we already offer in London. You can see more information about the data center at http://rimuhosting.com/datacenters.jsp.

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Next gen Haswell-EP systems available

Intel have just released their next generation dual proc Haswell-EP-based servers. We ordered a batch from our trusty systems integrator. And this morning the servers arrived at our Dallas data center loading dock! Those same servers are now available now on our dedicated server ordering page.

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Tech news updates


Getting Started with Docker

We’re happy to announce the availability of Docker support on our VPS installations. In this blog post, we aim to introduce you to Docker one of the most exciting and powerful open-source projects that has sprung up in the recent years. In a nutshell, Docker offers you the tools to package everything that forms an application, allowing you to deploy the application effortless across systems and machines both virtual and physical.

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Centos 7 Release – Whats New

Hot on the heels of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 release the Centos team have put out Centos 7 and now we are happy to offer a Centos 7 VM image on our control panel. You can select it on new installs and also on re-installs. This has been a long awaited update due to a few new features, and changes which we have wanted/needed.

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Two Factor Authentication

We have just added optional two factor authentication to the RimuHosting control panel. You can enable it at http://rimuhosting.com/cp/twofactor.jsp

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Tech news updates


Linux.conf.au – LCA2014 Perth visit (Part 2)

One thing i will say about perth, it gets fairly hot! The first Monday was about 36C outside, which is pretty bad when you are walking long distance between buildings with a laptop on your back (or in my case, a large 17" laprock!)

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Linux.conf.au – LCA2014 Perth visit (Part 1)

Recently i started talking to an amazing bunch of people, who had proposed, and been accepted to host the next Linux.conf.au in Auckland, New Zealand. I immediately requested to help, and be a part since i really love this sort of thing, and i want to give back.

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Now accepting bitcoins

Currently is trial/manual mode. You can make a one off account payment with Bitcoins per the details on our payment page. As an introductory offer we will add an extra 20% credit on payments up to 1BTC.

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Start up Stories: Cashboard

What is Cashboard? Cashboard is invoicing software that also handles employee timesheets, estimates, and online payments. It's geared towards freelancers and small businesses. Who are you, what is your role at Cashboard? I'm the founder, main designer, and engineer of Cashboard. Sometimes I play server admin too, but usually I have to email you guys to bail me out when things get wild.

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Tech news updates


Kiwi PyCon 2013 Summary

For those who are unaware, Rimuhosting has sponsored a lot of conferences, particularly local ones including open source and tech related. We believe in giving back what you can to the community as much as possible. Peter, our wonderful boss, likes to encourage us to do the same, so often is happy to pay for us to go to conferences if we contribute a talk. Not all of us are chatty like myself, so usually I end up going, and talking as well.

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Auckland Pycon tickets

As a sponsor of the New Zealand Pycon (http://nz.pycon.org/), we are given a few free tickets for the event as well. We thought since we only have one staff member attending (Liz, who is speaking) that we should really not waste the other tickets we have. Since there are less females in the IT industry, we are going to give priority to females wanting to go, however men are also welcome to apply. There is no specific criteria for application other than need/want. Just email liz @ rimuhosting.com if you are interested

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Tech news updates


10th Anniversay $100-off Sale

Happy birthday to us! RimuHosting has now been providing VPS hosting for 10 years. Let's do some fun things to celebrate. First up a sale! We will add a $100 credit to your account when you order a new server with us. This offer applies to new VPS, VPS-on-dedicated and regular dedicated servers. Pricing starts at around $16/m.

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Image credit: aih

Tech news updates


Happy holidays 2012

Thank you to all our wonderful customers for your business in 2012. A number of our staff are taking a break over Christmas and the New Year to be with friends and family. And to take advantage of this beautiful kiwi summer. Sometimes downtime really is a good thing.

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New Relic Shirts and Goodies Arrived

Today a box arrived apon my doorstep, i was super excited when i saw the New Relic stickers on the outside! I took it to work, and opened it to find a slew of goodies including shirts, bottle openers, can coolers, stickers galore!

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Tech news updates


Servers for Hurricane Sandy refugees

Has your hosting been affected by Hurricane Sandy? We would like to offer you free hosting. Order a server from http://launchtimevps.com. In the order comments say “My server xyz.com is affected by Hurricane Sandy. May I please have the $50 credit.”

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Tech news updates


Burning Man – Chris Twemlow from All Things Web

Some of you may recall us giving out or swapping shirts in previous posts, some of the shirts have been photographed in some amazing places. Chris Twemlow from http://allthingsweb.co.nz/ has just emailed us in this beauty of him at a recent Burning Man Got an interesting location with one of our shirts? grab one from http://www.cafepress.com/rimuhosting, and email us the picture.

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Tech news updates


SSH keys on new servers

You can now set your public ssh key(s) at http://rimuhosting.com/cp/sshkeys.jsp. These keys will automatically be added to new server setups. And the keys can be used when you enable a server's console-over-vps feature.

SSH keys are great when you want to avoid re-entering passwords every time you log into a server. The Ubuntu team wrote a page about setting up and using SSH keys. And SSH keys can be used with Windows SSH clients (Putty/Pageant)

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RimuHosting is hiring!

We are fortunate to have a lot of great customers. In fact we are lucky enough to have enough of you that we are actually getting pretty darned busy.

So we are looking to add another sysadmin or two to help out. This position is for our Cambridge, NZ office. But there may be an option for the right person overseas.

We have posted some details at http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=504465487 If you have a sysadmin friend who you think would be a great fit for us, please pass this onto them.

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Up-sized VPS options in Australia

We are happy to announce that we have had some super fast servers land in Brisbane with a ton of memory. As a result we can now offer even faster servers with more memory for less money. Isn't Moore's law great? See: http://rimuhosting.com/order/vpspricing.jsp?dc_location=DCBRISBANE We recently spec-ed out, built and shipped a bunch of new Jaketown servers over to the data center we use in Brisbane. Each server has 12 x 2.3 Ghz cores. And each has 96GB of memory. Because of the great price we got on the server, and the large amount of memory you will find that our 'market pricing' algorithms are able to give you the best memory for your dollar we have been able to offer in Australia. To order there see: http://rimuhosting.com/order/v2orderstart.jsp?dc_location=DCBRISBANE&dt_allowance_gb=6#variable_plan

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Staff Member David Mace is in Hospital, he needs some video get well messages

Some of you may know already, that David Mace is in hospital in a serious way after an aorta rupture. He was taken to the hospital and had several surgeries. Over the past couple of weeks he's been in an induced coma, and there was some uncertainty if he was going to survive. He has started showing improvement now, his blood pressure and pulse are in a good range, they started feeding him through a tube..

Now he is showing some signs of life, and awareness of what is going on around him, his wife has said ‘I think he'd appreciate a funny video from all of you guys’

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Tech news updates


SSD-backed VPS hosts

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of SSD-backed VPS hosts. These servers run the VPS images on a RAID array of SSDs. The SSDs increase the disk IO throughput and decrease disk IO latency (particularly on 'random access' activities, like database inserts/queries).

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London-based Bakop server added; Brisbane coming…

We are happy to announce there is now a London-based Bakop server available. This is in addition to the Bakop server in Dallas. Plus we have one planned for Brisbane (hopefully coming on line next week...). You now have the choice of location for your backups. Great for people when choosing their disaster recover location.

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RimuHosting taking over HostingDirect’s VPS operations

RimuHosting is taking over the operation of HostingDirects VPS hosting services. From Monday June 11 RimuHosting will be hosting the VPSs. The servers will remain at the HostingDirect data center (where RimuHosting has had a presence since 2009). RimuHosting will be taking over the billing and customer service for those users.

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The HD logo is trademark of HostingDirect.

Tech news updates


May 2012 RimuHosting newsletter

Intel released their new dual processor Sandy Bridge platform, 'the fastest server CPU you can get in a reasonably priced server'. And of course we are now making those available to our customers. Pricing from $369.00/m. Intel have been busy. They also released (and we are now offering) their new faster, cheaper, bigger 330 series Intel SSDs. Our customers asked for it, so we are happy to announce our cloud-y per-minute server billing. Scale up or down; add and remove servers; only pay for what you use for the time you use it.

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Photo credit: Casey David

Call for ‘startups start here’ stories

For the last 9 years we have been helping start ups launch and run their services. It is great to have a job where we get to help customers onto their path to Internet fame and glory. We are now looking to tell the stories of some of these start ups. If you have bootstrapped a new site with us we would love to feature you in a post. This would be a great way to promote your site. And we think it will make a good resource to help others see some of the challenges your faced (with your product, business and technical) and how you overcame them. We will give a $100 credit for every published story.

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Photo credit: Dene' Miles

New drive options: bigger, faster Intel SSDs!

Intel recently released their new generation of 330 series SSD drives. These take over from the well regarded X25-M SSD drives. But add more capacity. Better performance. And lower cost per GB! Our new Sandybridge dedicated servers come with SATA3 which helps maximize the 330 series drive performance. Data sheets show that over SATA 3 (at 6Gb/s) these drives can achieve 450+ MB/s, and ~25k IOPS. We now offer the larger capacity (128GB, 256GB and 512GB) Samsung 840 Pro SSD drives replacing both the original Intel X25-M 80gb option.

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Intel Dual Sandybridge servers available

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of powerful new dual processor servers running Intel Sandybridge E5-2620 or E5-2630 CPUs. These impressive machines are built on the popular Supermicro platforms using the X9DR-f motherboard. This new platform will enhance any large scale dedicated or virtualized deployments with access to 24 hyperthreaded cores and support for 128GB RAM or more in a 1U form. Anandtech have shown about 40% speed boosts over the previous generation E5560 processor for common server loads, up to 70% increases for some computationally intensive tasks.

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Tech news updates


Wordcamp New Zealand – Scaling Servers

On the 22nd of April, I (Liz) was lucky enough to be able to speak on scaling WordPress and servers at the New Zealand WordCamp.

The people there were great, and i ended up meeting and talking to many fascinating people about all sorts of code, servers, set ups among other things.

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$100/m off selected dual proc Xeons!

We have a very limited stock of some great dual processor Xeons available. For a limited time and while stocks last we are offering a $100/m discount on these servers.

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T-shirt swap

There is only one thing cooler than a cool customer. Its a cool customer with their own website on their tshirt. We'd love to wear one. So if you have one we'll swap you one of yours for one of ours (http://blog.rimuhosting.com/2012/02/21/bare-elbows/). Contact us at support to arrange the exchange! To get our T-shirt you can order directly at http://www.cafepress.com/rimuhosting and we can give you a hosting credit.

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Tech news updates


Make a delightful day for your users

Users will forget what you say. Users will forget what you do. Users will remember how they feel. So design a beautiful day for your customers. Make it a memorable day.

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Image credit: johnmueller

Per minute billing

We have recently had a couple of questions/comments about how/whether we do per- minute/hour/day/month billing. Our goal is to only charge you for the minutes you use on a server.

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Photo credit: 401k

Success through kick ass users

Kathy Sierra presented at Webstock 2012. And her talk compelled me to start thinking deeply about how I go about writing apps and helping users. The best indicator of success is when, after using your app (or service or company), the user thinks ‘I’m awesome’. NOT: the product or company or service is awesome.

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Photo credit: danorbit

T-shirts are a coming …

T-shirts are great. They cover a good part of your torso. But not the arms. So your elbows get to breathe. We think it is so important for your bare elbows to touch your desk while you're admin-ing your server that we'd like to give a few of our most precious customers a free t-shirt.

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Tech news updates


Introducing 2 Parts Magic

I am happy to announce the launch of a new RimuHosting service: 2 Parts Magic web app development services. 2 Parts Magic is team of web programmers. Based here in the Cambridge RimuHosting offices. They write browser based web applications for start-ups and successful Internet-based businesses. So you can use their services to implement your rich internet applications. Typically forms or pages using things like Ajax, Javascript, HTML5 on the client side. Applications that require a 'server side' that makes use of databases and knows about users and billing and things like complex ordering systems. Applications that need things like REST-ful APIs.

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December 2011 Newsletter

… We will try to keep you posted on some of the our key news since the last newsletter back in April (http://blog.rimuhosting.com/2011/04/19/newsletter-2011-04/) …

… RimuHosting is launching a web app development service: http://2partsmagic.com. 2 Parts Magic builds web application software: server-side (Java, JSP, MySQL) and client-side (Javascript, Ajax, HTML5) …

Plus Standing Cloud, discounted dedicated servers, VPS improvements and more.

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Silverstripe CMS on Standing Cloud webinar Tue Dec 13 1300 PST

Join Standing Cloud and Peter from RimuHosting at Tue, Dec 13, 2011 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PST for a webinar that demonstrates Standing Clouds one-click app deployment and management (to RimuHosting servers).

We will be giving a demo using Silverstripe as our target app. And the webinar will be followed by a Q&A session.

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Tech news updates


Easy application hosting using StandingCloud and RimuHosting

Imagine being able to configure a server, pre-setup and ready to run your favorite webapp, with a push of a button. Need a bug tracking system? Just hit a button, and wait a minute, then log into your own Bugzilla app. No sysadmin skills required. No wondering about best practices or security upgrades. StandingCloud are making this possible. They currently have 101 web applications that can be deployed and managed on a cloud server with a push of a button.

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VPS-on-dedicated server hosting v2.0

Today RimuHosting introduce our version 2.0 of our VPS-on-dedicated server hosting.  With this upgrade you get:

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Tech news updates


RimuHosting turns on redundant PSU and redundant power feed options

We are happy to announce that we now able to offer dedicated servers with redundant power supplies as well as servers on redundant (A+B) power feeds. The redundant power supply means that your server gets two power connections. Each drawing about 50% of the servers power. If one PSU fails then the other takes over.

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Tech news updates


HOWTO videos for Rimuhosting Control Panel on youtube

Sometimes explaining how to do something in the control panel can be fairly involved, and often confusing for people new to VPS or Rimuhosting. We have a fairly involved control panel that can do a lot of tasks, and it saves you a lot of time if you can do these things yourself in your own time, the way you want them done. For this reason, i have spent a fair amount of time going through a lot of the more common, and somewhat complex tasks via the control panel, and using a screen capture tool, and uploading these to youtube.

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Tech news updates


Special Offer: Upgrade your RimuHosting VPS to a VPS on a dedicated server?

Updating this list as part of our commitment to offering great server deals, current as of 31st May 2011.

We have some older but still powerful machines available. Rather than let them gather dust, we thought we would offer them to customers who are currently have a VPS on a shared host. And would like an upgrade to a dedicated machine. You would get (most likely) more memory; more disk space; and, most importantly, less contention. The CPU and disk IO is dedicated solely to you.

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Tech news updates


Sandy Bridge servers in stock; get one quick

Remember back a couple of years and Pentium 4 CPUs were nearly hitting 4Ghz? Then along came the new Core 2 Duos and we were back to a mere 2Ghz (albeit with these new ‘cores’). Intel has been pushing performance via efficiency (e.g. multiple cores) not brute Ghz. But that has always hampered ‘straight-line’ performance. And that’s pretty much been the status quo since 2009. Intel launched the new Sandy Bridge architecture in January and (after some delays due to SATA bugs) the first production mainboards are finally coming on the market (and, yes, we went and got some for our dedicated server customers). Order here: http://rimuhosting.com/order/startorder1.jsp.

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$50 hosting credit for server migration

I’d like to offer a USD 50 hosting credit to anyone ordering a new server with us where that server is currently hosted elsewhere. Get started now, order a fast VPS with a ton of memory at a pretty decent price using our Launchtime ordering system. Why order a server with RimuHosting? We're run by sysadmins, not sales people. We work hard to provide great service. We help out with your server. Our prices are pretty decent. And we are the original independent VPS hosting provider. Getting websites up and running since 2003.

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Photo credit: jacqueline-w

Tech news updates


RimuHosting News 2010 to April 2011

Hi. Every now and then we send out a newsletter. The last one was in December 2009. Since then we have added a lot of cool new features and services that you may find helpful.

8 years old and lots of recent improvements

RimuHosting just passed its 8th year anniversary in March (that's 1000 years in binary!). We have been pushing hard to improve our hosting service and provide even better value and support to our customers.

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Previewing 25mail.st: managed email hosting service

Mail server issues are one of the most frequent mail server requests we get here at RimuHosting. Troubleshooting existing configurations. Setting up ‘basic’ mail servers for customers. Setting up fancy ‘do everything’ mail servers for customers. Answering queries about why ‘x’ is flagged as SPAM (or not). Advising on things like SPF and DKIM. Blacklists and whitelists. Automated SPAM filtering. The list goes on. (And on.)

We are in the business of taking the hassle out of running your website. So it makes sense that we try to help solve all these hassles with email servers for our customers. 25 Mail St (http://25mail.st/).

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Tech news updates


Christchurch Earthquake Assistance

Yesterday Christchurch was hit by a devastating earthquake. Our thoughts go out to family and friends and everyone down there. RimuHosting is nestled safe in Cambridge far away from the earthquake. We feel far removed and frankly a little frustrated at our inability to do much to help our fellow kiwis.

What we do have, and what I would like to offer to those affected, are VPSs. For mail. To help keep your business ticking over. To provide updates to your friends and family. To provide forums and support groups for those affected. For mash up apps that help match up people who can help with people who need help.

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Tech news updates


Run your own VPS backups

We have just added a VPS snapshot/backup page to the RimuHosting control panel. By default for each VPS we run a weekly backup. This creates a snapshot of your VPS disk image. Which you can then restore to (e.g. to revert to an earlier time) or mount along with your current file system (e.g. to restore selected files).

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Data transfer reporting page (new RimuHosting control panel feature)

We have added a new data transfer reporting page. It show data transfer usage for each server for the last 50-odd days. With a summary for this and last month.

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Introducing Launchtime tailored pricing plans

RimuHosting is proud to introduce the Launchtime tailored pricing algorithm. This algorithm is an alternative to 'fixed' pricing plans. And it will be a key tool for us to provide more affordable, fairer and more flexible pricing.

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Tech news updates


Heavily discounted dedicated VPS host server pricing. Very limited stock available

Want to upgrade from a VPS on a shared host to a VPS on a dedicated server? More memory, more disk space, dedicated CPU and disks? We have a great offer for a few of you …

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Happy holidays everyone!

Thank you to all our wonderful customers for your business in 2010. We have had a great time setting up servers and helping out with so many varied and interesting environments.

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Introducing Launchtime. The easiest way to order and setup your new VPS.

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Looking for offsite FTP-based backups? Introducing our new Bakop FTP backup service.

Introducing http://bakop.com/, the offsite FTP backup service. We have ‘broken out’ the popular RimuHosting-customer-only backupspace service into a standalone and separately branded service. That anyone can sign up for and use.

You get to use however much space you need. No file quotas. The setup continues to use the linux-foo goodness that enables sshfs, sftp, scp and (a small subset of ‘safe’) ssh. It is not S3. It is not a CDN. It is not cloud this or that. Bakop a nice, simple FTP-with-extras place you can rent disk space and store your files remotely.

More …

Pingability, our website monitoring service, gets a facelift.

While I was kicking back camping in Yosemite, Justin here has been ‘messing about’ with CSS on our Pingability web check and alert service. Bringing it from my 2003 design to something a little more contemporary. Thanks, Justin.

Pingability lets you monitor your websites pages, check that things are running OK, and alert you (via email, txt or phone) when they are not. It supports SSH actions (so you it can, say, SSH in and restart apache/mysql or reboot your server) if a web page stops responding. And it can check things like email servers are working, DNS is returning results, and ports are open. There are free and paid options.


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