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Launchtime™ VPS servers.
RimuHosting™ Dedicated servers.
Pingability™ Website monitoring service.
Bakop™ Remote storage account service.
Zonomi™ DNS hosting service.
25 Mail St.™ Managed email hosting.
Woop! Host™ Managed Wordpress hosting.

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RimuHosting provide a bunch of services that make hosting your websites easier, more reliable.

About Us

  • RimuHosting’s goal is to help make life easier for people hosting websites.
  • RimuHosting is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) company.
  • We provide the Internet plumbing, so our customers can work on launching their cool web-based businesses.
  • RimuHosting has been helping web site owners since 2003.
  • Named by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing technology companies in NZ and the Asia-Pacific region 3 years running.
  • Fully owned and operated by geeks and techies.
  • We are a New Zealand-based 'micro multi-national' with a NZ head office, staff in 6 countries to help provide 24x7 support and servers in 4 countries to support our customers from all around the world (but mostly in the US, Europe and Australasia).
Rimuhosting staff
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Launchtime VPS hosting

  • Root access to your own Linux server with your own IP address.
  • Popular with web developers and techies.
  • Order from 200MB to 32GB of memory. 4GB of disk to 100GB.
  • Pricing from $20 USD/m.
  • Servers in Dallas, London, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Browser-based control panel to add disk, memory and bandwidth.
  • Cloud API (REST-ful, jclouds, libcloud and more).
  • Out-of-band console access (via browser or SSH).
  • Regular backups.
  • Includes managed DNS.
  • Real time ordering and server installs.
  • Get help setting things up or troubleshooting from our experienced sysadmins.
  • RimuHosting are one of the original VPS hosting providers. We have been hosting VPSs since 2003.
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  • Dedicated servers. From single Xeon E3 boxes to dual Xeon E5 CPUs with 384GB of memory and 6TB of disk.
  • Solid State Disk (SSD) options.
  • All servers come with RAID, by default.
  • Private networking options when you have multiple servers.
  • Servers in Dallas, London, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Includes managed DNS.
  • Get help setting things up or troubleshooting from our experienced sysadmins.
Pingability logo
  • The web check and alert service.
  • Monitor your web servers (or FTP or DNS or email servers).
  • Check them as often as you like.
  • Have Pingability alert you via Txt message, phone call, email or perform advanced actions like DNS failovers, running SSH-based commands or notifying a URL.
  • You can configure the alerts so you are only notified when you need to be (e.g. after 30 minutes of failure, or after 4 outages in a 4 hour period, or when the service comes back up).
  • Uptime, performance and outage reports.
  • Free and paid monitoring options.
Zonomi logo
  • Managed DNS hosting.
  • Bullet-proof reliability with name servers in New York, Dallas, Auckland and London.
  • Instant updates.
  • Easy to use browser-based interface. Plus an API for the techies.
  • Free hosting plus paid hosting from $1 USD/domain per year.
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Bakop offsite FTP storage

  • Off server storage. FTP-based. Ideal for server backups.
  • You get billed only for the space you are using.
  • Techies get to access the storage via FTP, rsync, sshFS, scp and rdiff-backup.
  • Can be used to backup Linux, Mac, and Windows servers.
25 Mail St. logo
  • Your domain. Your emails. Your users. Our hassle free email infrastructure.
  • Get virus and spam filtered email delivered to your @yourdomain.com email addresses.
  • No servers or techie stuff to setup (we take care of that for you). We take care of backups and uptime as well.
  • Perfect for small and medium businesses with their own domain name.
  • Unlimited users. Unlimited storage. Unlimited domains.
  • Free plan. Or from $5 USD per month for multiple users.
25 Mail St.
Woop! Host logo
  • Easily and quickly setup a great looking website on your own domain name.
  • Affordable, hassle-free & ultra-secure WordPress website hosting.